When Ryder Cheshire Australia was given this 7-acre property, the existing buildings were in quite a dilapidated state. Since 2000 many volunteers from Australia, particularly from Rotary Clubs, have assisted in renovating these buildings and constructing new ones. There are now 18 buildings on the site. These are some of the facilities of note:

Inpatient Wards: Klibur Domin has 50 beds for low care patients referred from the Dili National Hospital and District Health Clinics. The patients may be suffering from malnutrition, malaria, strokes, fractures, wounds, tuberculosis and some are receiving pre and post surgery care.
MDR-TB Ward: This building was complete in 2011 with funding from Eli Lilly Australia (a drug and medical supply company). The Ward has four bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom and toilet, a dining room and a room for office work and medical storage. This is the only MDR-TB facility in Timor-Leste.

Rehabilitation Centre: This facility is housed in an existing building which was renovated in 2009 to be used for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  It is equipped with rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs and mobility aids from Australia.

Barbara’s House: This building was also completed in 2011, and is home to the four remaining aged residents who remain from during Indonesian time when this facility was used as an aged care facility. Barbara’s House has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (with flushing toilets), a lounge/dining area and one small storage.

St Damien’s Respite Centre: This new facility (completed in 2011) has 12 beds and provides intensive therapy, good nutrition, rest and recuperation for people, especially children, with disabilities who are supported by the CBR program. Some of the children attend a local school while they are at St Damien’s.

Australian volunteers with children in St Damien's Respite Centre, December 2012